YCS Seattle Is Right Around The Corner!


The final Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament of 2012 will kick off in just two weeks, live at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center!  On November 16th to 18th, some of the greatest duelists in the world will throw down for the title of Champion, in the first-ever YCS tournament to feature new cards from Abyss Rising.

Two weeks ago in Providence, Rhode Island we saw Chris LeBlanc take home Championship gold with the new Geargia strategy, crushing Chaos Dragons with a devastating 2-0 win in the Finals!  With Abyss Rising bringing new support for the Heroic, Madolche, and Prophecy monster themes, YCS Seattle could bring the 2012 Championship season to a shocking close.  Will format favorites like Geargia, Wind-Ups, Agents, and Dino Rabbit take another win?  Or cou

ld a newly powered-up strategy pull through to surprise the Yugiverse?

Questions abound, but the one thing we do know is that Core TCG will be on-hand to serve competitors all weekend long!  Drop by the Core TCG booth for single cards, boosters and structures, and accessories for all your dueling needs!

See you in Seattle!

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