Core TCG’s CBLZ Sneak Peek Is This Weekend!

Don’t forget!  The Cosmo Blazer Sneak Peek is this weekend, so if you’re in the Greater Los Angeles area you should stop by Core TCG for an unforgettable Sneak experience!

Want to check out the new Cosmo Blazer booster pack before its official release on January 25th?  Core TCG is hosting two days of Sneak Peek action this weekend on Saturday and Sunday, January 19th and 20th.  The festivities kick off at noon on each day, and entrants will receive five packs of Cosmo Blazer before it’s available for sale, and the exclusive Sneak Peek promo card, Noble Arms – Caliburn – a must-have for the new Noble Knight deck!  You’ll also have a chance to win a Sneak Peek game mat plus additional mystery prizes!

Hungry for more?  Core TCG is offering free pizza and soft drinks for all participants, plus you might walk away with extra Yugi-swag like playmats; official Yu-Gi-Oh! backpacks; Limited Edition Yu-Gi-Oh! posters; carrying cases; and even Yu-Gi-Oh! calculators!

Sneak Peeks are an awesome chance to get a jump on new cards, and Cosmo Blazer is jam-packed with high-powered monsters, spells, and traps!  Sneaks are a great event for duelists of any experience level, and with two days of back-to-back events there’s no reason to miss out.  If you’ve been to a Sneak Peek before, but you’ve never seen how Core TCG does it, drop by and see what makes these events so special.

Coming to Core TCG this weekend?  Give us a shout in the Comments below, and we’ll see you there!

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