YCS Top Denver 32: Jesse Choate’s Invoked Lightsworn

The 60-Card Lightsworn strategy has grown quite a bit in popularity since we first saw it at YCS Seattle. That Grass Looks Greener is a one-card win condition that can easily turn the game around if it mills well, and because That Grass is so strong it looks like 60 really is the new 40. Infernoids seemed to be the best 60-Card strategy in the first few weeks of Raging Tempest, but as time progressed it looked like more and … Continue reading

Regional Top 8: Tre Braaten’s Shiranuis

When I first started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! I loved Zombies. You always had to worry about the strategy because they could accomplish a lot with a flurry of moves in a single turn, and that was rare back in the early days of the game. They had a ton of unfair cards like Card of Safe Return, and Zombies were even the undisputed best deck at a couple points in the game’s history. While a lot’s changed since those days, Zombies … Continue reading

Building For The New Format: Oasis of Skull Servants

Last time around I showed you a Mecha Phantom Beast deck that I’d been refining and honing into a polished product for quite a while. Today I’m taking a different tack: I want to show you a work in progress that can’t really be specialized until we see some metagame definition at YCS Chicago. Why? Because it’s really freaking cool, for one. But more than that, it engages some of the core challenges of a certain kind of rogue deck, … Continue reading

Crazy For DUEA: Fresh Prince Skull Servants!

Duelist Alliance is fascinating from a competitive perspective, because it introduces three new themes that could all turn out to be tournament-level strategies. As I write this, DUEA is tournament-legal for the first time this weekend, and players across the globe are taking Shaddolls, Satellarknights, and Yang Zings to tournaments hoping that their strategy’s the next big thing. One, or maybe two competitive front-runners in a new set? We’ve seen that before, though most named themes tend to start off … Continue reading

Evaluation – Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon

Premium Gold is actually just way too awesome. It features a new rarity of cards, reprints of good cards, shinier versions of some cards, and even cards completely new to the TCG. Among those new additions, [ccProd]Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon[/ccProd] is one of the strongest and most unique. Dragonecro alone represents a threat that can kill any of your opponent’s monsters and deal their ATK value as damage, directly to your opponent while netting you a token of the same size … Continue reading

Evaluation – Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons

Premium Gold brought us a ton of useful reprints, new goodies, and even a bunch of support for a strategy that hasn’t seen much: Gimmick Puppet. But with all of this awesome stuff, where do you start in evaluating the new cards? Well the easiest place to start would be a singular card that you can probably tell is going to be insane the first time you read it, and the one I chose today is [ccProd]Beelze of the Diabolic … Continue reading

Exploring the Format – Drain Zombie

At the beginning of every format, there are usually two things that I look at: what decks got a boost because their cards were unlimited or removed from the Forbidden List, and what strategies weren’t able to do so well in the previous format, solely because of the previous deck to beat (which the new list generally reigns in). This time around the former’s a little obvious: [ccProd]Mezuki[/ccProd] going to three is huge, and while a third [ccProd]Plaguespreader Zombie[/ccProd] isn’t … Continue reading

Regional Top 8 – Gustavo Hernandez’s Malicious Zombies

I sat down to write this just as I got news about YCS Turin, where if early reports are correct, America’s Sam Pedigo just won the Championship with – wait for it – Geargias. The coverage of the Finals isn’t up yet, so it could all be a giant hoax, but it wouldn’t really surprise me; not only have I long felt Pedigo to be one of North America’s best competitors, but ending YCS-level competition for the September 1st format … Continue reading

Exploring the Format – Zombies

Just as Blackwings received a lot of hype after the Forbidden and Limited list, Zombies did as well.  [ccProd]Mezuki[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Plaguespreader Zombie[/ccProd], two of the most powerful Zombies ever printed, have found a new home in the Semi-Limited section of the F&L List. While we’re a long ways away from being able to cause untold havoc with [ccProd]Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier[/ccProd] as the deck was once capable of, those two cards do give Zombies a significant boost that they … Continue reading