The Top 5 Coolest Decks To Win Nationals So Far

The WCQ season is always a high point in the dueling year. Sure, it represents the payoff to a year’s worth of work for tens of thousands of competitors worldwide. There’s a ton of drama and emotion tied up in that, and that makes for some of the year’s biggest moments. But it’s also the one point in the annual competitive schedule where we see players pull out all the stops across the globe, unleashing their secret tech and challenging … Continue reading

Exploring The Format: Yang Zing Metalfoes

I really like Metalfoes and I definitely think it’s the best deck right now. It can accomplish so much with so little, and the Pendulum mechanic pushes it way over the top. Combo-based Pendulum strategies are leagues above everything else because you can combo off and make a huge field while still keeping an Extra Deck full of resources if your opponent manages to clear your field. I think there are two camps of Metalfoes players: the vanilla version that … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Metalfoes

Metalfoes are one of the best strategies in the OCG, right up there with ABC-Dragon Buster and D/D’s. We got our first taste of Metalfoes in The Dark Illusion, but even more will arrive when Invasion: Vengeance drops in November. By the time that set hits, I fully expect Metalfoes to be the best Pendulum deck available. But even without the new support, Metalfoes can still do a lot of the things that make it so powerful in Asian metagames. … Continue reading