Tech Update: Looking Back At YCS Atlanta

YCS Atlanta was quite a surprising event. If you’d told anyone before the tournament that not only would Invoked Windwitches be in first place after the Swiss Rounds, but that Paleozoic Frogs would take the whole tournaent, no one would’ve believed you. Zoodiacs still dominated the Top Cut representation just like they did at YCS Seattle, but Paleozoic Frogs managed to be the second most represented strategy with three duelists piloting it to a Top Cut finish. A lot can … Continue reading

Tech Update: Looking Back At YCS Seattle

YCS Seattle was the Championship debut of Raging Tempest, and thus marked the dawn of the Zoodiac era. Zoodiac Ratpier opens up the opportunity for every strategy to have a one-card combo that produces a field of any Rank 4 Xyz plus a Zoodiac Drident; quite the reward for such a minimal investment. Because Ratpier’s easily searched with Fire Formation – Tenki, Zoodiac Barrage, and M-X-Saber Invoker, you can that you’ll see that combo really consistently, especially if you have … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: SPYRAL

While I definitely think that something with Zoodiacs or That Grass Looks Greener is probably the new deck to beat, Raging Tempest has a bunch of other sweet stuff going on. SPYRAL hasn’t put up any real results in tournaments yet, but it also hasn’t seen much support, either. Raging Tempest gives SPYRAL new cards that definitely make it better than ever, and while it might not be able to keep up with Zoodiac combos or Infernoids milling 20 cards … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: New Metalfoes

Metalfoes have had quite a dominating performance thus far. Taking down a UDS Invitational and two YCS tournaments since their release, the strategy has a lot of inherent traits that synergize with Pendulums. Destroying your own cards to search more cards is solid, but as we saw with Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, when you’re destroying Pendulums to get more cards it can get downright unfair. Instead of making 1-for-1 trades, you fill your Extra Deck while searching card for free, setting … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Dimensional Boundary

Generic cards that can be used in any strategy are always worth looking at. Recent sets have been more focused towards themes with the most powerful cards typically belonging to specific archetypes, but sometimes we get cards that every deck can use to really up their game. Look at Pot of Desires, Twin Twisters, and Solemn Strike; they’re all really powerful, and Twin Twisters has gone so far as to warp the format while Pot of Desires is an absolute … Continue reading

Analyzing the F&L List: August 2016

Well it hasn’t been that long since the last F&L change, about four months, it definitely felt like a while. Burning Abyss and Monarchs were reigning supreme, and while we did see Pendulums and Kozmos still fight the good fight, it didn’t seem close that the former strategies were simply better. The consistency that Burning Abyss had was absurd simply because it had a high redundancy of Malebranches, so summoning Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss was never difficult. On … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Typhoons, Twisters, and Cyclones

Spell and trap removal’s always varied in popularity depending on the environment. Mystical Space Typhoon was an absolute staple at three in some formats, while in others you didn’t want to main it at all, because it could be a dead card so frequently. While MST used to be the golden standard, recent sets have given us a ton of other options for backrow hate; we’ve seen all types of interesting spell and trap removal lately. Cards like Typhoon excelled … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Pot of Desires

The Dark Illusion is packed full of awesome cards, but Pot of Desires definitely stands above the rest. Anytime such a powerful generic card is released, we need to evaluate the pros and cons because it could easily become a format-wide staple. But Pot of Desires has an effect we’ve never really tried to evaluate before, and it definitely comes at a hefty cost. The good news? We already know how great drawing cards is. Simply put, if any strategy … Continue reading

Gold Gadget And Silver Gadget

Gadgets have been around for a while, and they’ve long been a fan favorite for reasons of consistency. Gadgets give you an easy way to amass lots of cards quickly, but at the same time they’ve always been balanced by one thing: speed. In the earlier days of Yu-Gi-Oh, when the game was slower and involved less summoning acceleration, Gadget strategies relied on traps. They could play a low monster count because as long as you had one Gadget, you … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Pre-Preparation of Rites

If you’ve been reading the CoreTCG Blog for a while then you’ll know I love Ritual cards. I don’t know what it is about them, but Fusions and Rituals just remind me so much of what I loved about Yu-Gi-Oh! as a kid that I really enjoy using them. Will that ever change my deck decision at a big event, or shake my belief that Pendulum Summon’s the strongest mechanic in the game? No, not even close. But when there … Continue reading