YCS Top Denver 32: Jesse Choate’s Invoked Lightsworn

The 60-Card Lightsworn strategy has grown quite a bit in popularity since we first saw it at YCS Seattle. That Grass Looks Greener is a one-card win condition that can easily turn the game around if it mills well, and because That Grass is so strong it looks like 60 really is the new 40. Infernoids seemed to be the best 60-Card strategy in the first few weeks of Raging Tempest, but as time progressed it looked like more and … Continue reading

Regional Top 8: Tre Braaten’s Shiranuis

When I first started playing Yu-Gi-Oh! I loved Zombies. You always had to worry about the strategy because they could accomplish a lot with a flurry of moves in a single turn, and that was rare back in the early days of the game. They had a ton of unfair cards like Card of Safe Return, and Zombies were even the undisputed best deck at a couple points in the game’s history. While a lot’s changed since those days, Zombies … Continue reading