Analyzing the Forbidden & Limited List: March 2017

Without any format changes in quite a while, many duelists were eager for a new F&L List. Zoodiacs had created a sort of natural F&L list all on their own, effectively pushing out many strategies that were once dominant and making nearly every deck want to run three copies of Zoodiac Ratpier. But one strategy still thrived without them, as Paleozoic Frogs won both YCS Atlanta and YCS Prague, and came close to winning the UDS Invitational in Las Vegas … Continue reading

Ruling Time And Updates!

Amanda LaPalme is back with another video, this one discussing the important new ruling on The Transmigration Prophecy versus Sangan!  Want to stop stuff like Dandylion and Reborn Tengu?  Amanda shows you how to manipulate the creation of chains to make it happen. Amanda also shares details about how you can get 10% back in store credit when you place an order through our website right here on Core TCG, and how to score a free High Priestess of Prophecy … Continue reading