Tech Update: Looking Back at YCS Denver

With the release of Duelist Saga and a new Forbidden & Limited list, it was unclear what would take the top spots at YCS Denver. The previous format had been interesting, to say the least. Zoodiacs seemed to be the one dominating force at first glance, but we quickly saw just how well Paleozoics could combat them. As the weeks went on 60-Card strategies continued to gain momentum; That Grass Looks Greener was practically a one-card win condition, generating a … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Paleozoic Frogs

Paleozoics are really interesting. We’ve neveretr seen a trap monster strategy have any real tournament success, but Paleozoics are so different on a base mechanical level that I had to pick them up. I don’t think straight Paleozoics are good enough to find tournament success, simply because they can’t do enough as a reactive strategy, but the easy way to solve that problem is to combine them with the Frog engine. Toadally Awesome’s one of the sweetest cards from Invasion: … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Toadally Awesome

I genuinely loved to play Frogs; it has to rank in my top five favorite decks of all time. Obviously Frog FTK being broken had a bit to do with that, but the diversity of play coupled with the fact that I was dueling with ridiculous looking Frog cards was just awesome. While I don’t think there’s going to be a big Frog resurgence, I do think that Toadally Awesome is going to have a huge impact on competition when … Continue reading