Tech Update: Looking Back at YCS Denver

With the release of Duelist Saga and a new Forbidden & Limited list, it was unclear what would take the top spots at YCS Denver. The previous format had been interesting, to say the least. Zoodiacs seemed to be the one dominating force at first glance, but we quickly saw just how well Paleozoics could combat them. As the weeks went on 60-Card strategies continued to gain momentum; That Grass Looks Greener was practically a one-card win condition, generating a … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Abyss Actors

Metalfoes are by far the best Pendulum strategy right now. The theme’s performed with high success rates since its release, and the additional support from Invasion of Vengeance really put it over the top. Combining Pendulums with effects that reward you for destroying your own cards is great, and Metalfoes let you do just that to search cards from your deck. But just like other Pendulum strategies we’ve seen in the past, Metalfoes are pretty good at splashing other Pendulum … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Prior to Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba and Invasion: Vengeance, Blue-Eyes White Dragon was quite the force in the competitive scene. Accelerating huge monsters into play is a good way to win, and the Blue-Eye strategy was really consistent with its high number of draw cards and search effects. The deck slams down threats quickly and often. But ABC-Dragon Buster, Metalfoes, and Paleozoics really raised the bar in terms of power level. Each of those decks can snowball out of control … Continue reading

YCS Bochum 1st Place: Billy Brake’s Metalfoes

Billy Brake is a master, simple as that. I could write paragraphs on how good he is and how much he helped me grow as a player, but the point today is that he took his fourth YCS title in Bochum with Metalfoes. That’s what we’re going to talk about. Pendulum Summoning has been a crazy powerful mechanic since its release, providing any deck with inevitability and momentum, since you can just keep bringing back monsters when they’re destroyed. Combine … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: New Metalfoes

Metalfoes have had quite a dominating performance thus far. Taking down a UDS Invitational and two YCS tournaments since their release, the strategy has a lot of inherent traits that synergize with Pendulums. Destroying your own cards to search more cards is solid, but as we saw with Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, when you’re destroying Pendulums to get more cards it can get downright unfair. Instead of making 1-for-1 trades, you fill your Extra Deck while searching card for free, setting … Continue reading

Exploring The Format: Yang Zing Metalfoes

I really like Metalfoes and I definitely think it’s the best deck right now. It can accomplish so much with so little, and the Pendulum mechanic pushes it way over the top. Combo-based Pendulum strategies are leagues above everything else because you can combo off and make a huge field while still keeping an Extra Deck full of resources if your opponent manages to clear your field. I think there are two camps of Metalfoes players: the vanilla version that … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Metalfoes

Metalfoes are one of the best strategies in the OCG, right up there with ABC-Dragon Buster and D/D’s. We got our first taste of Metalfoes in The Dark Illusion, but even more will arrive when Invasion: Vengeance drops in November. By the time that set hits, I fully expect Metalfoes to be the best Pendulum deck available. But even without the new support, Metalfoes can still do a lot of the things that make it so powerful in Asian metagames. … Continue reading