Analyzing the Forbidden & Limited List: March 2017

Without any format changes in quite a while, many duelists were eager for a new F&L List. Zoodiacs had created a sort of natural F&L list all on their own, effectively pushing out many strategies that were once dominant and making nearly every deck want to run three copies of Zoodiac Ratpier. But one strategy still thrived without them, as Paleozoic Frogs won both YCS Atlanta and YCS Prague, and came close to winning the UDS Invitational in Las Vegas … Continue reading

Double Regional Top 8 Profile: Brethren Majespecters

Ties of the Brethren arrived last week in Legendary Decks II, and it didn’t just debut as the number-one bestselling card in the set – it also had an immediate tournament impact. While you can play Brethren in a wide variety of decks, both mainstream and niche, it was an immediate point of innovation for astute Majespecter players. It carried at least three Majespecter decks to Regional Top 8 showings its first weekend out. Though Majespecters got off to a … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Metalfoes

Metalfoes are one of the best strategies in the OCG, right up there with ABC-Dragon Buster and D/D’s. We got our first taste of Metalfoes in The Dark Illusion, but even more will arrive when Invasion: Vengeance drops in November. By the time that set hits, I fully expect Metalfoes to be the best Pendulum deck available. But even without the new support, Metalfoes can still do a lot of the things that make it so powerful in Asian metagames. … Continue reading

YCS Top 32: Cordero Spencer’s Majespecters

As Pendulum themes go, Majespecters are very unique. The deck tries to grind in a very simple way by grabbing more cards when it summons monsters, then disrupting the opponent with them. Rather than trying to abuse Special Summon combos, they just keep Pendulum Summoning to gather a bunch of extra cards, and in doing so they can make great trades of card economy against proactive strategies. Most trap-heavy decks have to take a very aggressive approach right now, because … Continue reading

Deck Evolution: YCS Origins

A lot of interesting stuff happened at YCS Origins. Jacob Phinney took down the event with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights; the same deck that Tahmid Zaman piloted to win YCS Providence. Pendulums had a good showing, Extra Deck Monarchs are as strong as ever, and Kozmos with Card of Demise continued to be gain more of a foothold in competition. If you just took a glance at Origins and Providence, they look similar enough that you might dismiss relevant changes … Continue reading

How Performapals Are Still Topping: Everything You Need To Know

The past three weeks have been an interesting time. First the Adjusted List was released, drawing the same brief nod of the head from deeply competitive players whenever a new format’s announced, but getting a ton of heat from more intermediate players for the sheer speed of the list’s appearance after Breakers of Shadow. It’s always a beat when new stuff gets hit that hard, that fast. …Or so it seemed? A few days later YCS Atlanta arrived with its … Continue reading