Looking Ahead: Toadally Awesome

I genuinely loved to play Frogs; it has to rank in my top five favorite decks of all time. Obviously Frog FTK being broken had a bit to do with that, but the diversity of play coupled with the fact that I was dueling with ridiculous looking Frog cards was just awesome. While I don’t think there’s going to be a big Frog resurgence, I do think that Toadally Awesome is going to have a huge impact on competition when … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Pot of Avidity

When Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries was first revealed, I thought Yu-Gi-Oh! would change forever. So many strategies rely on specific Extra Deck cards to function, and usually the most powerful competitive decks do that the most. It makes sense that the best decks are the ones trying to do something really powerful with a particular Extra Deck Monster. If the card you rely on is in your Extra Deck, you can get to it every game really reliably rather … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Pre-Preparation of Rites

If you’ve been reading the CoreTCG Blog for a while then you’ll know I love Ritual cards. I don’t know what it is about them, but Fusions and Rituals just remind me so much of what I loved about Yu-Gi-Oh! as a kid that I really enjoy using them. Will that ever change my deck decision at a big event, or shake my belief that Pendulum Summon’s the strongest mechanic in the game? No, not even close. But when there … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries

Shining Victories has a lot of really cool cards. With Amorphages and Blue-Eyes support and a bunch of different tools that every strategy can use, there’s just so much going. Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries is one of the best new splashables; a card that everyone expects to be one of the best in the set. Why? Let’s dive in. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve never been a big Burning Abyss fan. It was cool … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Neptabyss, the Atlantean Prince

Back when I prepared for my trip to Asia, Atlanteans were considered one of the Decks to beat in the OCG. EmEm, known here in the TCG as Performage Performapal, hadn’t taken off yet, and the explosive power of the Atlanteans meant you needed to be prepared for that matchup first and foremost. Luckily, Number 16: Shock Master kept the strategy in check simply because it blanked so much of the Atlantean player’s strategy. But without the mighty Shock Master … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Traptrix Rafflesia

As we count down the final hours to the Breakers of Shadow Sneak Peeks, it’s interesting to reflect on all the weirdness surrounding the set. On one hand, it’s a landmark release because it’s the first core booster to feature the new “foil in every pack” collation – every pack’s has at least a Super Rare, while higher rarities will be easier to pull. But that’s not the only unique thing about the release. It’s also easily the most leaked … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Twin Twister

Have you ever considered how much impact a single card can have, moving from Forbidden to Limited? If there’s any card that completely change how people approach the game, Heavy Storm is it. Just the mere possibility of your opponent having Heavy Storm warps not just how you play your deck, but even how you build it. Back in the day, setting more than one backrow was practically taboo unless you were feeling brave, had a lot of protection, or … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: The New Kozmos

Some of the biggest news this year was the unexpected leak of new cards from Breakers of Shadow, and while the reveal of Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer made waves, the bulk of that discussion hinged on cards we’d never seen before: the new Kozmo support. Kozmo Farmgirl, Kozmo Forerunner, and Kozmotown made a tremendously strong debut in Clash of Rebellions, while Kozmo Dark Destroyer and Kozmoll Wickedwitch were an obviously powerful follow-up in Dimension of Chaos, but the new cards from … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Cyber Dragon Infinity

There are so many powerful cards in Breakers of Shadow that it’s a bit ridiculous. But above them all, one is poised to warp the format. Which card am I talking about? It’s funny because if I went down the set list, I’m sure I could find at least five cards I’d put on that kind of list, but this time I’m referring to one card that really forces you to answer it: Cyber Dragon Infinity. What makes it so … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Solemn Notice and Ariadne the Absolver

There are tons of big cards coming from Breakers of Shadow, and a lot of them are either strong generic support, or flexible themed material that carry a namestamp, but can actually fit into all sorts of strategies. While the new Kozmos, Deskbots, and Superheavy Samurai monsters are all closely tied to their respective decks, the Performapals, Magicians, and Odd-Eyes cards build on splashable engines. Cards like Traptrix Rafflesia and Cyber Dragon Infinity carry themed names, but can be played … Continue reading