YCS Top Denver 32: Jesse Choate’s Invoked Lightsworn

The 60-Card Lightsworn strategy has grown quite a bit in popularity since we first saw it at YCS Seattle. That Grass Looks Greener is a one-card win condition that can easily turn the game around if it mills well, and because That Grass is so strong it looks like 60 really is the new 40. Infernoids seemed to be the best 60-Card strategy in the first few weeks of Raging Tempest, but as time progressed it looked like more and … Continue reading

How Earned Byes Can Win You Championships

Two weeks ago TCGplayer hosted their first-ever YGO Series Championship – the culmination to five months of points-driven qualifying events.  Earning 20 qualifying points got you into the tournament, but if you nabbed 60 more you could cash them in for something else entirely – two byes that would let you skip Rounds 1 and 2.  The winner of that tournament, Mackenzie King Franklin, was one of the competitors that took the two-bye option.  Veteran competitors like Jeff Jones, Patrick … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Dragon Ruler Turbo

Regardless of how hard Dragon Rulers get hit, it seems like they’ll be a competitive force until they’re Forbidden. Summoning huge Dragons for the cost of a couple monsters in your graveyard seems look a pretty good way to win, especially when you have a ton of draw power to go along with it. The newer Dragon Ruler variants specialize in just that: they tear through your deck while filling your graveyard with resources, and then aim to resolve a … Continue reading

The Real Meaning Of The First Turn No-Draw Rule

The past week heralded what might be the biggest single change to the Yu-Gi-Oh! game system we’ve ever seen. The structure of Turn 1 has been static for twelve years; it’s remained the same through format changes, alternate modes of play like Draft and Sealed, and it’s survived countless tweaks of mechanics and card text. For all the changes that have been wrought upon the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG over the past decade-plus, the actual way we play the game turn by … Continue reading

Reacting To The F&L List – Jason’s Thoughts

It seems like the tone of the F&L List has changed over the past year. While formats used to be updated only once every six months, often requiring sweeping changes and occasionally un-scheduled “Emergency Updates” just to keep Yu-Gi-Oh! playable, things are different now. The past few format changes have really just felt like tweaks to the existing environment, and while they were arguably too light at some points – September 2013 was still pretty brutal as far as Dragon … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Kurisworn

One of the most exciting things when new cards are introduced is their effect on pre-existing strategies, and there’s a lot of that going on lately with Dragons of Legend. One of the more obvious interactions between the new material and established archetypes is that of [ccProd]Kuribandit[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Soul Charge[/ccProd] with Lightsworn. A strategy themed on milling cards for their powerful end game [ccProd]Judgment Dragon[/ccProd], as well as awesome card selection with [ccProd]Beckoning Light[/ccProd], seems exactly like the kind of … Continue reading

Devastatingly Effective – Rainbow Kuriboh

I talk a lot about hand traps, and it’s really just because they can do things that other cards simply can’t. Cards like [ccProd]Effect Veiler[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Maxx C[/ccProd] offer a level of protection that other cards don’t, because they’re constantly hidden from your opponent. The less your opponent knows about what options you have, the better your position. More than that, because there’s such a range of hand traps available you can’t always be sure what’s going to happen, even … Continue reading

The Stellar Starliege Paladynamo

A couple days ago we looked at one of the biggest new cards from the 2013 Zexal Collection Tin, Number 61: Volcasaurus. While Volcasaurus can serve as a problem-solver by blowing away big monsters when you don’t have any other outs, it’s almost more of a win condition level card: you really want to drop it when you’re going to be able to make that, “Blow up a big monster, then make an attack with Gaia Dragon for game” play. … Continue reading