YCS Seattle Top 8: Billy Brake’s 60-Card Zoodiac Infernoids

Zoodiac Ratpier ran rampant at YCS Seattle, with a whopping 90 copies making it into the Top 32. That statistic alone really showcases the strength of the Zoodiac engine and how easy it is to include in your strategy; only two Duelists made the Top Cut without it. It seems ridiculous to think that Zoodiacs aren’t worth using, but choosing which variant of the strategy to play is the bigger question. There was only one other card that came close … Continue reading

Everything Cool From Millennium Pack

With Rob having written on Card of Demise earlier this month, and Shining Victories just a couple weeks off, I want to take a moment to look at everything else in Millennium Pack that’s worth discussing. There are some cool sleeper cards here, some of which have seen big action on the secondary market but haven’t broken through into Regional Top Cuts yet. Each could have an impact on competition with the right push factors, so you definitely want to … Continue reading