The Top 5 Coolest Decks To Win Nationals So Far

The WCQ season is always a high point in the dueling year. Sure, it represents the payoff to a year’s worth of work for tens of thousands of competitors worldwide. There’s a ton of drama and emotion tied up in that, and that makes for some of the year’s biggest moments. But it’s also the one point in the annual competitive schedule where we see players pull out all the stops across the globe, unleashing their secret tech and challenging … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Pot of Avidity

When Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries was first revealed, I thought Yu-Gi-Oh! would change forever. So many strategies rely on specific Extra Deck cards to function, and usually the most powerful competitive decks do that the most. It makes sense that the best decks are the ones trying to do something really powerful with a particular Extra Deck Monster. If the card you rely on is in your Extra Deck, you can get to it every game really reliably rather … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Metalfoes

Metalfoes are one of the best strategies in the OCG, right up there with ABC-Dragon Buster and D/D’s. We got our first taste of Metalfoes in The Dark Illusion, but even more will arrive when Invasion: Vengeance drops in November. By the time that set hits, I fully expect Metalfoes to be the best Pendulum deck available. But even without the new support, Metalfoes can still do a lot of the things that make it so powerful in Asian metagames. … Continue reading

Analyzing the F&L List: August 2016

Well it hasn’t been that long since the last F&L change, about four months, it definitely felt like a while. Burning Abyss and Monarchs were reigning supreme, and while we did see Pendulums and Kozmos still fight the good fight, it didn’t seem close that the former strategies were simply better. The consistency that Burning Abyss had was absurd simply because it had a high redundancy of Malebranches, so summoning Dante, Traveler of the Burning Abyss was never difficult. On … Continue reading

EU WCQ Top 16: Alpay Engin’s Fire King Kozmos

Kozmos were all the hype after their debut at YCS San Jose last year, and when Fire King Island released everyone was looking to the strategy as the next dominant combo deck. But Fire King Kozmos fell flat, and ultimately Card of Demise seemed like the best way to build out the theme; Demise gave Kozmos a strong source of card advantage and worked well with the deck’s basic control plan. Demise Kozmos took second at YCS Origins – the … Continue reading

Deck Evolution: YCS Origins

A lot of interesting stuff happened at YCS Origins. Jacob Phinney took down the event with Burning Abyss Phantom Knights; the same deck that Tahmid Zaman piloted to win YCS Providence. Pendulums had a good showing, Extra Deck Monarchs are as strong as ever, and Kozmos with Card of Demise continued to be gain more of a foothold in competition. If you just took a glance at Origins and Providence, they look similar enough that you might dismiss relevant changes … Continue reading

YCS Top 32: Sean McCabe’s Demise Kozmos

While the combo-driven Fire King Kozmo deck was hugely hyped the weeks leading up to YCS Providence, it definitely wasn’t the best Kozmo strategy we saw there. Control variants had a big showing in the Top Cut with Card of Demise. I wrote on Jesse Barber’s Qliphorts from the Top 16 already, a dead strategy that found similar success thanks to Card of Demise. If you thought drawing three cards wasn’t the real deal, enough has probably happened to convince … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Fire King Kozmos

Once upon a time, I thought Fire Kings was the best deck. Granted that was somewhere in the year 2014, and Fire Kings had a ton of powerful cards that did exactly what you wanted to be doing in that format. That said, Fire Kings have definitely slipped off the competitive radar over the years, and I don’t think I’d ever sleeve them up for another tournament. However, I distinctly remember a single OCG card that we didn’t have back … Continue reading

Regional Top 8 Profile: Brilliant Kozmos

Rob wrote a really great article last week on the vast possibilities of Brilliant Fusion. That card’s seen tons of play in a variety of combo decks the past six months, but it still has a lot of unexplored potential, and Rob really went deep to show you what’s possible… including some awesome stuff hasn’t really been done yet. He talked about a lot of cool ideas, like using Gem-Knight Lazuli in conjunction with Galaxy Serpent to make a 1-for-1 … Continue reading

Regional Top 8 Speedroid Ghostricks?!

While Draco Pals, Kozmos, Monarchs, and Burning Abyss continue to lead competition, and decks like Phantom Knights and Atlanteans continue to press in from the competitive fringes, we just keep seeing nutty one-hit wonders Top 8’ing Regionals. While it’s easy to disregard new strategies that top once and then seem to disappear, especially those that won their success at smaller Regional Qualifiers, the weird rogue decks that are seeing success this format generally take one of two approaches: they either … Continue reading