Exploring the Format: Zoodiacs Post MACR

With all the hype surrounding True Kings and True Dracos, it doesn’t seem like Zoodiacs are getting the attention that they should with the cards they gain from Maximum Crisis. It might not seem like much, but Zoodiac Chakanine unlocks all of the combos that were lost once Zoodiac Ratpier was Semi-Limited, all on its own. We saw just how dominant Zoodiacs were when Ratpier was unrestricted, and a competitive shift thanks to Maximum Crisis positions the strategy exactly where … Continue reading

Analyzing the Forbidden & Limited List: March 2017

Without any format changes in quite a while, many duelists were eager for a new F&L List. Zoodiacs had created a sort of natural F&L list all on their own, effectively pushing out many strategies that were once dominant and making nearly every deck want to run three copies of Zoodiac Ratpier. But one strategy still thrived without them, as Paleozoic Frogs won both YCS Atlanta and YCS Prague, and came close to winning the UDS Invitational in Las Vegas … Continue reading

Regional Top 8: Bo Tang’s Kaiju Nekroz

If I had to rank my favorite things about Yu-Gi-Oh, Nekroz and Bo Tang are both pretty high up on the list. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Bo Tang, I can’t really express to you how awesome he is; that could be another article on its own. What’s important to note now is that back when he was traveling to events more frequently, everyone who was anyone knew him and respected him; he’s basically the Billy Brake … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Kaiju Atlanteans

While Draco Performapals continue to dominate the competitive scene, there are ways to take advantage of how the deck operates to construct counter strategies. One key aspect is how they build boards; Cyber Dragon Infinity’s no longer a factor in most builds, making removal cards like Raigeki and Dark Hole are incredible. The typical opening field tends to involve cards like Traptrix Rafflesia, Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer, and Evilswarm Nightmare, all of which are very weak to destruction effects. … Continue reading