YCS Prague 1st Place: Joshua Schmidt’s 60-Card Paleozoic Frogs

The March 17th weekend was huge. We had a YCS in Prague as well as Guatemala, plus a UDS Invitational in Las Vegas, each with some pretty crazy storylines. After Paleozoic Frogs took down YCS Atlanta in a format dominated by Zoodiacs, suddenly there was a lot to figure out; Paleozoic Frogs were one of the few strategies that didn’t use Zoodiac Ratpier in any way. The same strategy almost won the UDS Invitational before getting blown out in Game … Continue reading

YCS Bochum 2nd Place: Joshua Schmidt’s Paleozoic Frogs

For those of you who don’t know Joshua Schmidt, he’s practically a legend in Europe. With a massive 13 YCS tops, 4 German National tops, 4 European WCQ tops, and even a World Championship 3rd Place in 2012, his resume is absurd to say the least. He has to be the best player from Europe right now bar none, and if you managed to miss the finals of YCS Bochum where he faced Billy Brake then it’s something you should … Continue reading