Tech Update: Looking Back At YCS Atlanta

YCS Atlanta was quite a surprising event. If you’d told anyone before the tournament that not only would Invoked Windwitches be in first place after the Swiss Rounds, but that Paleozoic Frogs would take the whole tournaent, no one would’ve believed you. Zoodiacs still dominated the Top Cut representation just like they did at YCS Seattle, but Paleozoic Frogs managed to be the second most represented strategy with three duelists piloting it to a Top Cut finish. A lot can … Continue reading

YCS Seattle Top 8: Billy Brake’s 60-Card Zoodiac Infernoids

Zoodiac Ratpier ran rampant at YCS Seattle, with a whopping 90 copies making it into the Top 32. That statistic alone really showcases the strength of the Zoodiac engine and how easy it is to include in your strategy; only two Duelists made the Top Cut without it. It seems ridiculous to think that Zoodiacs aren’t worth using, but choosing which variant of the strategy to play is the bigger question. There was only one other card that came close … Continue reading

Tech Update: Looking Back At YCS Seattle

YCS Seattle was the Championship debut of Raging Tempest, and thus marked the dawn of the Zoodiac era. Zoodiac Ratpier opens up the opportunity for every strategy to have a one-card combo that produces a field of any Rank 4 Xyz plus a Zoodiac Drident; quite the reward for such a minimal investment. Because Ratpier’s easily searched with Fire Formation – Tenki, Zoodiac Barrage, and M-X-Saber Invoker, you can that you’ll see that combo really consistently, especially if you have … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Beating Infernoids

Infernoids exploded in popularity the moment they won YCS Dallas. Where you once would’ve been surprised to play against Infernoids even once in any given tournament, I now see tons of duelists sleeving up their Reasonings and Infernoid Decatrons. Regardless of how ridiculously one-sided Infernoid victories may look, there are lots of ways to beat them. Some are specific to certain decks, but to figure out your best options you need to understand how Infernoids win games. Infernoids fill their … Continue reading

Lessons From YCS Dallas

It seems obvious that my shifting roles from competitor to coverage writer would result in a different YCS experience, but I don’t think I expected it to be this different. A lot of my preparation for the event is a similar mix of testing and asking other people what they’re doing to try to get a feel for everything, but rather than having to commit one way and crossing my fingers I get the awesome vantage point of just spectating … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Infernoids With Clash Of Rebellions

Infernoids have occupied a lot of my time the past few weeks. The deck first caught my eye when it started topping Regional Qualifiers, beginning with a Toronto Regional in February. From there the deck made occasional appearances in Regional top cuts, and while it remained on the competitive fringe, its potential against Nekroz made it an appealing concept: when almost every monster you run can strip away a Nekroz player’s graveyard, eyebrows are certainly raised. I started tinkering with … Continue reading