Crazy For DUEA: Black Garden Benkei

In two weeks the Advanced Format will roll over into the October 1st list, but as I’m writing this we have no idea what that new Format will actually look like. I’m personally expecting the next play environment to look a lot like this one: right now we’ve got three top decks, none of which are degenerate and all of which emanate from Duelist Alliance. If I was calling the shots, I’d be pretty happy with the state of things … Continue reading

Building Batterymen!

HAT’s, SAT’s, BAT’s… deck names these days seem to be imitating the uniformity of 1st-grade rhyme books. But with Artifacts, Traptrix and Hands’ incredibly adaptable and easy to splash into other strategies, it’s almost difficult to avoid adopting at least some of those acronyms when you go to build a deck. And it makes sense. Instead of traditional backrow, cards like the Artifacts supplement the role of traditional defensive spell and trap lineups for decks that can benefit heavily from … Continue reading

Analyzing Differences: Shaddolls – OCG Vs. TCG

With Duelist Alliance now released in the TCG, we can finally play the strategy that’s basically been the deck to beat since its release in Asia’s OCG: Shaddolls. Quite possibly the most hyped competitive force since Dragon Rulers and Prophecy, the Shaddoll deck’s a graveyard-centric Dark strategy that gets a ton of bonuses when each of its monsters are sent to the yard by a card effect. Unlike other less consistent graveyard strategies – I’m looking at you, Lightsworn – … Continue reading

Crazy For DUEA: Fresh Prince Skull Servants!

Duelist Alliance is fascinating from a competitive perspective, because it introduces three new themes that could all turn out to be tournament-level strategies. As I write this, DUEA is tournament-legal for the first time this weekend, and players across the globe are taking Shaddolls, Satellarknights, and Yang Zings to tournaments hoping that their strategy’s the next big thing. One, or maybe two competitive front-runners in a new set? We’ve seen that before, though most named themes tend to start off … Continue reading