The Top 5 Coolest Decks To Win Nationals So Far

The WCQ season is always a high point in the dueling year. Sure, it represents the payoff to a year’s worth of work for tens of thousands of competitors worldwide. There’s a ton of drama and emotion tied up in that, and that makes for some of the year’s biggest moments. But it’s also the one point in the annual competitive schedule where we see players pull out all the stops across the globe, unleashing their secret tech and challenging … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Draco Performapals

Since Breakers of Shadow, Performapals have shown us why Pendulums are by far the strongest summoning mechanic we’ve ever seen. Once you get past the need for two cards to assemble your Pendulum Scales, you basically have a Soul Charge-esque effect that you can do once a turn, every turn. It takes a lot for any other strategy to keep up with that kind of advantage, and when you couple the basic Pendulum mechanic with cards as powerful as Dracos … Continue reading