Tech Update: Looking Back At YCS Atlanta

YCS Atlanta was quite a surprising event. If you’d told anyone before the tournament that not only would Invoked Windwitches be in first place after the Swiss Rounds, but that Paleozoic Frogs would take the whole tournaent, no one would’ve believed you. Zoodiacs still dominated the Top Cut representation just like they did at YCS Seattle, but Paleozoic Frogs managed to be the second most represented strategy with three duelists piloting it to a Top Cut finish. A lot can … Continue reading

Comparing YCS Toronto and YCS Madrid: Side Deck Tech For The New Format?

Though YCS Toronto and YCS Madrid took place on the same weekend, and both tournaments were won by Shaddolls, the two tournaments were actually hugely different. While the Top 4 of YCS Madrid was pure Shaddolls, they were all acknowledged versions of the deck: Artifact Shaddolls took three top spots and Dragon Shaddolls took the remaining seat. Toronto was different: Satellarknights took a Top 4 slot, while the three remaining Top 4 spots went to Combo Shaddolls (Marc Carisse), Outstanding … Continue reading