Tech Update: Looking Back At YCS Seattle

YCS Seattle was the Championship debut of Raging Tempest, and thus marked the dawn of the Zoodiac era. Zoodiac Ratpier opens up the opportunity for every strategy to have a one-card combo that produces a field of any Rank 4 Xyz plus a Zoodiac Drident; quite the reward for such a minimal investment. Because Ratpier’s easily searched with Fire Formation – Tenki, Zoodiac Barrage, and M-X-Saber Invoker, you can that you’ll see that combo really consistently, especially if you have … Continue reading

Twelve Side Deck Cards You Should Know

Our last few discussions had to do with big new main deck strategies from recent tournaments, but the past couple weeks have seen lots of little side deck innovations too, as competitors hunt for the Next Big Thing that could get them an edge. We’re in the single most competitive part of the year – everybody who plays the game seriously wants to win their way to Worlds, and that means players are researching deck lists and testing new ideas … Continue reading