Regional Top 8: Rafael Marques’ Invoked Blue-Eyes

The Invoked were pretty hyped up in the weeks leading to their release in Fusion Enforcers. Aleister the Invoker can do a lot of different things for a one-card investment, which matters a lot right now in a format with Zoodiac Ratpier and That Grass Looks Greener. A single Aleister will search Invocation so you can start Fusion Summoning, and then you can shuffle the Invocation back from your graveyard to get back the banished Aleister you used as a … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Prior to Structure Deck: Seto Kaiba and Invasion: Vengeance, Blue-Eyes White Dragon was quite the force in the competitive scene. Accelerating huge monsters into play is a good way to win, and the Blue-Eye strategy was really consistent with its high number of draw cards and search effects. The deck slams down threats quickly and often. But ABC-Dragon Buster, Metalfoes, and Paleozoics really raised the bar in terms of power level. Each of those decks can snowball out of control … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Blue-Eyes

Dragons! No monster type excites me like Dragons do, especially when we’re talking about Blue-Eyes. The last time Blue-Eyes White Dragon strategies were relevant was as a draw engine in Dragon Rulers, but that was notwhere near a real Blue-Eyes deck. Thanks to Shining Victories, the Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck, and The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack, Blue-Eyes finally has enough tools to really be its own strategy. But is it good enough? Blue-Eyes can do … Continue reading

They Just Don’t Die – The Future of Dragon Rulers

We’ve seen a lot of resilient decks in the past. List after list, when all players assumed an era was over, those decks managed to find a way back into competition. And now it’s happened again. Before the Dragon Rulers dropped in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, there was a debate about what kind of impact they’d make – whether they’d be a competitive success. In Asia’s OCG, ‘baby’ incarnates of the Level 7 beaters were released in Exclusive Packs, … Continue reading

New Dog, New Tricks – Bright Star Combo

When [ccProd]Maiden with Eyes of Blue[/ccProd] was first released there was a lot of hype about the combos with it. Between [ccProd]Bright Star Dragon[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Risebell the Star Adjuster[/ccProd], making [ccProd]Ancient Sacred Wyvern[/ccProd] while putting [ccProd]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/ccProd] into play seemed like a pretty good way to win. However, it just didn’t seem to be enough to support an entire strategy. While having a two-card kill combo was good, the rest of the deck simply wasn’t. That was one problem.  The other big issue … Continue reading

Everything New In Saga Of Blue-Eyes… And Why You Should Care!

The Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck just dropped a week and a half ago, but we’re already seeing it making an impact on Regional Qualifiers.  For fans and nostalgic veterans this was a long-awaited dream release: who doesn’t love the most iconic Duel Monster of all time?  But for tournament competitors it was a surprise hit, and players are only beginning to really grasp the power level of the six new cards that made their debut.  In an … Continue reading