YCS Seattle Top 8: Billy Brake’s 60-Card Zoodiac Infernoids

Zoodiac Ratpier ran rampant at YCS Seattle, with a whopping 90 copies making it into the Top 32. That statistic alone really showcases the strength of the Zoodiac engine and how easy it is to include in your strategy; only two Duelists made the Top Cut without it. It seems ridiculous to think that Zoodiacs aren’t worth using, but choosing which variant of the strategy to play is the bigger question. There was only one other card that came close … Continue reading

YCS Bochum 1st Place: Billy Brake’s Metalfoes

Billy Brake is a master, simple as that. I could write paragraphs on how good he is and how much he helped me grow as a player, but the point today is that he took his fourth YCS title in Bochum with Metalfoes. That’s what we’re going to talk about. Pendulum Summoning has been a crazy powerful mechanic since its release, providing any deck with inevitability and momentum, since you can just keep bringing back monsters when they’re destroyed. Combine … Continue reading

What Sets Champions Apart?

Now that the year’s drawing to a close and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is over for 2014, I think it’s a good time to look back on the past twelve months and see what we can make of them. It’s always a good exercise to review the competitive arc of big strategies, tech trends, and the impact of new F&L Lists and card releases around this time, when competition’s cooling off. Observing those points in retrospect can help you see … Continue reading

YCS Dallas 1st Place: Billy Brake’s 60-Card Control

Decks exceeding the 40 card minimum have been around for quite a while: 41 and even 42 card decks were quite popular in the older days of the game, and more recently duelists like Long Dao and now Billy Brake have won Championships with massive 53 and 60 card decks respectively. What allows these strategies to be successful even though they go against the basic concepts of consistency? Looking at a deck like Mermail as a starting point, it would … Continue reading

He’s Done It Again – Billy Brake’s YCS San Mateo 3rd Place Trigon Dragon Ruler

The next level of Dragon Rulers have come into the light as master duelist Billy Brake has done it again, scoring his ninth Top 4, along with his fifteenth premier event top!  Dragon Rulers may have lost a lot of their power from the previous format, with most versions struggling to make aggressive plays on Turn 1 and instead aiming to  draw cards and resolve [ccProd]Dragon Ravine[/ccProd]. However, what Brake did at YCS San Mateo was quite the feat; by … Continue reading

Deck Profile: Billy Brake and Jeff Jones’ Mono Mermail

Since the release of Abyss Rising¸ Mermails have been a big part of competitive metagames. The raw power and consistency of the deck made them quite the force, especially among the big names in high-level competition. With new support from Cosmo Blazer things got even better: Mermail Abyssteus allowed some older cards to shine and paved the way for a new version of the archetype. Billy Brake and Jeff Jones are both huge names in this game, and have been … Continue reading