Looking Ahead: Rank-Up-Magic – The Seventh One, Goes In Everything

Rank-Up-Magic – The Seventh One is practically an instant win, and I look forward to playing one copy in basically everything I build after Primal Origin. There’s not a lot of hubbub surrounding RUM7. And I’m not sure why. Well, that’s not completely accurate – it sees no play in Japan because it conflicts with cards we don’t have; cards that OCG players value highly and play heavily, like Chronomaly Nebra Disk. In the TCG, it also conflicts with the … Continue reading

How Did Teleport Karakuri Win YCS Sydney?

YCS Atlanta is less than a week away, but the first Championship of the new format is already in the books! With Fire Fists, Mermails, and Karakuri Geargia the clear-cut decks-to-beat headed into YCS Sydney – Australia’s first Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series ever – the final outcome of that tournament was a huge surprise. While TCG veterans like Barrett Keys and our very own Robert Boyajian traveled down under to compete, the duelist left standing at the end of the weekend … Continue reading

Side Deck Picks From The First Regional Weekend!

Last weekend we saw two Regional Qualifiers in two different countries kick off the new Advanced Format – one in Montreal, and one in Garden City, Michigan. This weekend we’ll see more Regionals in the United States, but from that point forward there’s nothing else to go off of until YCS Atlanta on February 1st. Data from these six Regional Qualifiers is tremendously valuable, because there won’t be much information about premier-level events to take with you into the YCS … Continue reading

Shadow Specters Craziness – Duston OTK!

By popular demand, I’m back again this week with another crazy Shadow Specters strategy; the kind of deck that’ll annoy your friends and confuse your enemies! Dustons were released over a span of five sets so far, and we’re still waiting on at least one more member of the family.  The heir-apparent to the Ojama crown, Dustons take the oldschool Chazz concept of “useless cards that do useful things,” but operate in a completely different fashion.  [ccProd]House Duston[/ccProd] debuted in … Continue reading

New and Improved – Kidmodo Dragon

Until our next Forbidden and Limited List, it looks like Dragon Rulers will still be the top dog. But when a deck performs this well and is this highly represented, it’s even more important for that strategy to adapt and evolve. If you’re a step behind your opponent when it comes to deck building trends, there’s a very good chance your win percentage will suffer. If you’re playing the “deck to beat” that’s even more true: players will gear their … Continue reading

Regional Top 8 – Tyler Nolan’s Barrier Statue Anti-Meta!

This is easily one of the coolest decks you’re going to see this format. So there’s this thing in Yu-Gi-Oh! called a “floodgate card.”  It’s a classification that can be applied to monsters, field spells, or continuous spells or traps, and it refers to stuff like [ccProd]Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo[/ccProd], [ccProd]Gozen Match[/ccProd], [ccProd]Imperial Order[/ccProd], and [ccProd]Royal Decree[/ccProd]: cards that you play to keep your opponent from doing stuff.  You don’t destroy or discard or deprive your opponent of their cards, and … Continue reading

Sixth Sense – Why Calling 5 And 6 Is Wrong

Seriously.  That title’s not a trick.  Read on. So last week, the official Konami Strategy Site dropped the biggest bombshell to hit the game since August.  Out of nowhere, an article revealed the legendary and long-Forbidden OCG Trap Card, [ccProd]Sixth Sense[/ccProd], was making a surprise appearance in Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World… and would be tournament legal, Limited to 1 per deck.  Suddenly an old-school card that’s existed in the OCG for ten years – virtually never allowed in tournaments … Continue reading

Makin’ It Big With Masked Chameleon!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been spotlighting and building decks around my favorite new cards from Judgment of the Light.  Some of my biggest picks from the set were great before the F&L List dropped, but they got even better in the wake of its release: [ccProd]Angel of Zera[/ccProd]’s easier to play in an Agent deck that can once again run two [ccProd]T.G. Striker[/ccProd]s to Synchro Summon it; and [ccProd]The Atmosphere[/ccProd] is a tremendous pick when you can Special Summon … Continue reading

Running The Numbers: Library of the Crescent and No-Priestess Prophecy

So the big news the past week is that Andrea Zenari took second place at the Italian National Championships with an innovative Prophecy build. Zenari did a few things very differently from what we’re used to. Instead of trying to make flashy plays with two to three copies of High Priestess of Prophecy, Zenari didn’t run any. Instead, he relied on triple Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. Kycoo’s effect cuts off opposing Prophecy players from banishing cards for Spellbook of Fate … Continue reading

YCS New Jersey – Almost Made It, Santana’s Constellars

Last week I talked about the relative surprise that was the double Top 32 appearance of Evilswarms at YCS New Jersey. This week I want to dig a little deeper, looking at two more surprising decks that came within inches of the playoff rounds. Both of these strategies are serious competitive options that you should be aware of if you’re going to be playing in a WCQ, and both are pretty affordable to build! If you don’t know who Victor … Continue reading