Analyzing Options: Building Zoodiacs

Zoodiacs are by far the best splashable engine in the game today. The core Zoodiac combo can take as little as one card to pull off, so many players choose to play Zoodiacs just because they offer you so much for such little investment. Zoodiac Ratpier’s the key to all of it, turning a single monster into a Zoodiac Drident plus another Rank 4 of your choice. The disruption of Zoodiac Drident’s effect is huge, and that other Rank 4 … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: SPYRAL

While I definitely think that something with Zoodiacs or That Grass Looks Greener is probably the new deck to beat, Raging Tempest has a bunch of other sweet stuff going on. SPYRAL hasn’t put up any real results in tournaments yet, but it also hasn’t seen much support, either. Raging Tempest gives SPYRAL new cards that definitely make it better than ever, and while it might not be able to keep up with Zoodiac combos or Infernoids milling 20 cards … Continue reading

Regional Top 8: Brandon Ramos’s Brethren Cyber Herald

Whenever I play any card game I want to be doing the most powerful thing I can, and negating every one of my opponent’s cards is pretty far up there. That’s why I’ve always been a big fan of Herald of Perfection, but in recent times the deck has definitely declined. The threat of Kaiju was a big hit to the deck’s viability. Not only are Kaiju an easy way to answer Herald, but they fit into the Main Deck … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Different Dimension Demons

With the release of the Pendulum Domination Structure Deck, many expect Different Dimension Demons to be not just a strong contender, but one of the top decks to beat. Pendulum Domination was released a very long time ago in Asia’s OCG, nearly two years ago, so trying to figure out whether or not this strategy can thrive now is a question in itself. What we do know is that this deck was so powerful that both D/D Lamia and D/D … Continue reading

Regional Top 8: Steven Baker’s Awesome Spellcasters

Toadally Awesome has given a bunch of different strategies new life. Everything from Paleozoic Frogs, to Heroes, Mermails, and even Lightsworn got a huge boost from Toadally Awesome. It’s on the same power level as Cyber Dragon Infinity, if not stronger in a lot of ways. The biggest difference is that Toadally Awesome’s extremely easy to summon compared to the mighty Rank 6 Infinity, thanks to an abundance of Level 2 Aquas and the effect of Bahamut Shark. The easier … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Abyss Actors

Metalfoes are by far the best Pendulum strategy right now. The theme’s performed with high success rates since its release, and the additional support from Invasion of Vengeance really put it over the top. Combining Pendulums with effects that reward you for destroying your own cards is great, and Metalfoes let you do just that to search cards from your deck. But just like other Pendulum strategies we’ve seen in the past, Metalfoes are pretty good at splashing other Pendulum … Continue reading

YCS Bochum 2nd Place: Joshua Schmidt’s Paleozoic Frogs

For those of you who don’t know Joshua Schmidt, he’s practically a legend in Europe. With a massive 13 YCS tops, 4 German National tops, 4 European WCQ tops, and even a World Championship 3rd Place in 2012, his resume is absurd to say the least. He has to be the best player from Europe right now bar none, and if you managed to miss the finals of YCS Bochum where he faced Billy Brake then it’s something you should … Continue reading

YCS Bochum 1st Place: Billy Brake’s Metalfoes

Billy Brake is a master, simple as that. I could write paragraphs on how good he is and how much he helped me grow as a player, but the point today is that he took his fourth YCS title in Bochum with Metalfoes. That’s what we’re going to talk about. Pendulum Summoning has been a crazy powerful mechanic since its release, providing any deck with inevitability and momentum, since you can just keep bringing back monsters when they’re destroyed. Combine … Continue reading

Analyzing Options: Awesome Mermails

Mermails have been a powerful strategy since their release. From the original Genex Mermail strategy, to Mono Mermail and Big Mermail, to Combo Mermail and OTK Mermail, and finally today’s Awesome Mermail concept, it seems like Mermails can find a way to be successful in virtually any format. But that said, it’s rare to see two different variants finding success in the same period, which is the precise situation we have now. Awesome Mermail decks come in two very distinct … Continue reading

YCS Anaheim Top 32: Calvin Chow’s Awesome Heroes

If there’s one strategy that I can always get behind, it’s Heroes. Masked Hero Dark Law’s a very powerful and disruptive threat, and now more than ever, it’s high impact against the most popular strategies. ABC-Dragon Buster’s needs to search and use its graveyard to win; between Terraforming and Union Hangar the deck’s always searching, and all of the ideal combos involve putting your A-Assault Core, B-Buster Drake, and C-Crush Wyvern into the graveyard so you can get maximum value … Continue reading