Regional Top 8 Raidraptors?!

Not gonna lie: this started off as an article about competitive trends emerging from YCS Prague. Triple Kozmojo? Triple Performapal Silver Claw? Pendulum Rising and Kozmo Soartroopers? There was some cool stuff going on and all the big strategies saw major developments. Bad news, though! None of it was anywhere near as cool as Raidraptors topping a Regional. It’s no secret that Raidraptors were unplayable for a very long time. The theme debuted in a bit of a strange fashion … Continue reading

How Performapals Are Still Topping: Everything You Need To Know

The past three weeks have been an interesting time. First the Adjusted List was released, drawing the same brief nod of the head from deeply competitive players whenever a new format’s announced, but getting a ton of heat from more intermediate players for the sheer speed of the list’s appearance after Breakers of Shadow. It’s always a beat when new stuff gets hit that hard, that fast. …Or so it seemed? A few days later YCS Atlanta arrived with its … Continue reading

Wing Raiders: The Phantom Knights Of Break Sword

Wing Raiders is a fascinating release, because while two thirds of the set’s devoted to three particular themes – Raidraptors, Super Quantums, and The Phantom Knights – each theme has at least one new card with big potential in other strategies. Raidraptor – Force Strix is a generic Rank 4 that can search Blackwings; Super Quantum Red Layer and Blue Layer are already topping Regionals in Monarchs; and The Phantom Knights of Break Sword is a hot prospect for any … Continue reading

Questioning The Adjusted List

With YCS Atlanta now in the history books, the Adjusted List has gone into effect. Applying to all Regionals, UDS events, and all tournaments held at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Qualifiers it’s set to have a big impact. Tellarknight Ptolemaeus, Performage Damage Juggler, and Performage Plushfire are all Forbidden, weakening the consistency and resource base of the Performage engine while recasting Cyber Dragon Infinity in entirely new contexts. The Limiting of Skullcrobat Joker and Performapal Monkeyboard will hinder the deadly consistency of … Continue reading

Hidden Gems From From The First BOSH Regionals

Breakers of Shadow was a tremendous release, offering a ton of new cards that were obviously competitive the moment they were announced. Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer, Kozmo Tincan, Cyber Dragon Infinity, Traptrix Rafflesia, Solemn Strike, Twin Twisters… a lot of big cards made an impact on the first weekend where BOSH was legal – a weekend that happened to see not just a ton of Regional Qualifiers in North America and Europe, but also the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series in Sydney. With … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Traptrix Rafflesia

As we count down the final hours to the Breakers of Shadow Sneak Peeks, it’s interesting to reflect on all the weirdness surrounding the set. On one hand, it’s a landmark release because it’s the first core booster to feature the new “foil in every pack” collation – every pack’s has at least a Super Rare, while higher rarities will be easier to pull. But that’s not the only unique thing about the release. It’s also easily the most leaked … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: The New Kozmos

Some of the biggest news this year was the unexpected leak of new cards from Breakers of Shadow, and while the reveal of Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer made waves, the bulk of that discussion hinged on cards we’d never seen before: the new Kozmo support. Kozmo Farmgirl, Kozmo Forerunner, and Kozmotown made a tremendously strong debut in Clash of Rebellions, while Kozmo Dark Destroyer and Kozmoll Wickedwitch were an obviously powerful follow-up in Dimension of Chaos, but the new cards from … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Solemn Notice and Ariadne the Absolver

There are tons of big cards coming from Breakers of Shadow, and a lot of them are either strong generic support, or flexible themed material that carry a namestamp, but can actually fit into all sorts of strategies. While the new Kozmos, Deskbots, and Superheavy Samurai monsters are all closely tied to their respective decks, the Performapals, Magicians, and Odd-Eyes cards build on splashable engines. Cards like Traptrix Rafflesia and Cyber Dragon Infinity carry themed names, but can be played … Continue reading

Patrick James’ Top 8 Chaos Dragons

Some stories are just too good to ignore. What do you do when you lose a bet, and the penalty is entering your next Regional Qualifier with a deck deemed non-competitive? If you’re Patrick James, you apparently just grab your favorite deck from 2012 and Top 8 your Regional anyways. That was the sequence of events that led James to run Chaos Dragons last weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he took fifth place despite playing a strategy everyone considered … Continue reading

Beating Pendulums And Kozmos: The Defining Trap Cards

The current Advanced Format feels like one of the freshest competitive environments we’ve ever seen. The hits to Nekroz, Shaddolls, Burning Abyss, Qliphorts, and Ritual Beasts didn’t just make room for weaker strategies and new decks to start performing better, they changed the actual shape of the game on some very fundamental levels. Suddenly, with Evilswarm Exciton Knight gone Pendulum decks are viable. On the surface that opens the door for Majespecters and Performage Pendulums, but by swerving competition in … Continue reading