The Top 5 Coolest Decks To Win Nationals So Far

The WCQ season is always a high point in the dueling year. Sure, it represents the payoff to a year’s worth of work for tens of thousands of competitors worldwide. There’s a ton of drama and emotion tied up in that, and that makes for some of the year’s biggest moments. But it’s also the one point in the annual competitive schedule where we see players pull out all the stops across the globe, unleashing their secret tech and challenging … Continue reading

Double Regional Top 8 Profile: Brethren Majespecters

Ties of the Brethren arrived last week in Legendary Decks II, and it didn’t just debut as the number-one bestselling card in the set – it also had an immediate tournament impact. While you can play Brethren in a wide variety of decks, both mainstream and niche, it was an immediate point of innovation for astute Majespecter players. It carried at least three Majespecter decks to Regional Top 8 showings its first weekend out. Though Majespecters got off to a … Continue reading

Regional Top 8 Double Profile: Dark Synchro and Evil Empowering Pendulums

While we’re only heading into the third weekend of Regional Qualifiers so far this format, we’ve seen some really cool decks and some equally impressive innovations to previous strategies. While Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Burning Phantom Knight variants are just as popular as many expected, the changes to the format really opened up a lot of possibilities; both for old decks to see more play, and for new strategies we’ve never really seen before. And that wasn’t just because the … Continue reading

Regional Top 8: Phantom Knight Heroes With Transmodify

Sometimes a deck rolls around that’s just so cool, I can’t wait to write about it. Last weekend’s Regional Qualifiers actually delivered several decks of that caliber, but my favorite of the bunch was Aaron Coker’s Phantom Knight Hero build from the Regional Qualifier in Pearl Mississippi this weekend. We’ve seen splashed copies of Mask Change II in all sorts of Burning Abyss and Phantom Knight variants over the past weeks, so when I first saw this thing billed as … Continue reading

Everything Cool From Millennium Pack

With Rob having written on Card of Demise earlier this month, and Shining Victories just a couple weeks off, I want to take a moment to look at everything else in Millennium Pack that’s worth discussing. There are some cool sleeper cards here, some of which have seen big action on the secondary market but haven’t broken through into Regional Top Cuts yet. Each could have an impact on competition with the right push factors, so you definitely want to … Continue reading

YCS Top Cut Profile: Jesse Flores’ Norleras Burning Abyss

There was no way we weren’t gonna talk about this one. One of the cool things about tournament play since October is the sheer variety in the top decks-to-beat. While Nekroz builds were usually pretty uniform week to week, and small variations were a big deal, we’ve seen way more creativity since Nekroz got the boot. As much as Pendulum decks have often felt cookie cutter, the opposite’s actually been true; while those decks had a definite core of important … Continue reading

Regional Tech Update: New Trends This Week

The release of Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal really shook stuff up. While we only ever have partial results from any given week’s Regional Qualifiers, Burning Abyss variants were by far the most reported decks from the Top 8’s we saw. Last weekend’s Regional Qualifier in Tulsa Oklahoma offered us a rare perspective, in fact, since the complete Top 8 was logged and accounted for. And that was a revealing event, because five of the Top 8 decks were Burning … Continue reading

Regional Top 8 Profile: Brilliant Kozmos

Rob wrote a really great article last week on the vast possibilities of Brilliant Fusion. That card’s seen tons of play in a variety of combo decks the past six months, but it still has a lot of unexplored potential, and Rob really went deep to show you what’s possible… including some awesome stuff hasn’t really been done yet. He talked about a lot of cool ideas, like using Gem-Knight Lazuli in conjunction with Galaxy Serpent to make a 1-for-1 … Continue reading

In-Depth On Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal

While Burning Abyss took four spots in the Top 32 at YCS Prague, the theme had virtually no representation at YCS Vegas two weeks later; the only Burning Abyss monsters in the Top Cut were played in the lone Phantom Knight deck that made it to the playoffs. Burning Abyss often takes flak for perceived challenges in both the Monarch and Kozmo match-ups, but the deck’s excelled anyways since the release of the Adjusted List, in part on the strength … Continue reading

Regional Top 8 Speedroid Ghostricks?!

While Draco Pals, Kozmos, Monarchs, and Burning Abyss continue to lead competition, and decks like Phantom Knights and Atlanteans continue to press in from the competitive fringes, we just keep seeing nutty one-hit wonders Top 8’ing Regionals. While it’s easy to disregard new strategies that top once and then seem to disappear, especially those that won their success at smaller Regional Qualifiers, the weird rogue decks that are seeing success this format generally take one of two approaches: they either … Continue reading