Preparing For The WCQ: Clear Communication & End Phase Trickiness

With the North American WCQ on the horizon, players are readying themselves by playtesting and hunting for new tech. But what about ruling research? It tends to be one of the most overlooked aspects of the game, and even more than just individual card mechanics, the intricacies of what goes on behind the judge booths at events can influence your experience. Not only is it useful to know rulings relevant to your metagame, but it’s just as critical to know … Continue reading

Lineup Modifications: Forbidden Chalice over Breakthrough Skill

Breakthrough Skill has played a huge role in these past few weeks, particularly in Dragon Rulers. Using it for extra control in the mirror match or as a tool in dealing with shutdowns like Jowgen the Spiritualist and Mermail Abyssgaios was key to the deck’s success. But recently there’s been some buzz about an alternative to Breakthrough, potentially shifting a card choice once considered a norm: Forbidden Chalice. This card isn’t anything new. It was the progenitive member of the … Continue reading

Sandstorm Disaster – An Interview With Richard Clarke

Both the forerunner and current innovator of the Disaster Dragon strategy, seasoned Dragon player Richard Clarke’s most recent incarnation of the deck uses the new Dragon Ruler toolbox. But unlike the conventional aggressive playstyle you’d normally associate with Dragon Rulers, Clarke’s managed to morph them to suit the primary function of the Disaster Dragon game plan: intricately controlling the game. A brief background! “Disaster Dragon” is a years-old Dragon variant created by Clarke himself, that involves taking a delicate grasp … Continue reading

Trending Cards And The Battle Of Originality

“Wait, so you don’t want to play Dragon Rulers?” I called Simon He on Skype, beginning the conversation with that question to discuss his recent – and enigmatic – facebook status, which stated he was apprehensive about what to play and his feelings on the Dragon mirror match. “No, I do. It’s the best option right now. It’s just- how do I put this? I don’t want to go into an event playing the same decklist as everyone else. I … Continue reading

LTGY Analysis: Trifortressops

In light of Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy’s revealed rarities and OCG import cards, a storm of tweets, videos, and Facebook posts have flooded in from the Yu-Gi-Oh! community. Players have exchanged ideas and opinions on how best to deal with the new shape of the competitive landscape, and one particular card has received quite a bit of attention since it was announced – Trifortressops. There are a few things that you might not immediately notice about this card. The … Continue reading

Budget Fun – Assault Mode Dragon Rulers

Now that the rarities for Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy have been revealed, alot of players are a bit wary about what it’llcost for Prophecy’s lavishly foiled Main Deck, or Dragon Ruler’s Extra Deck (despite the latter’s affordable main). There are definitely more affordable options like Evilswarm, but they’re just not what some players are looking for. The good news? There’s always something fun to tinker with during any given format if you’re not looking to be hardcore competitive, but … Continue reading

Constellars: Same Coin, Different Sides

Constellars are one of the final archetypes of note in Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars, and the first thing you might notice about them is their familiar artwork. It’s no coincidence that their Evilswarm doppelgangers share similar effects for their archetype: they’re counterparts, and both decks share similar playstyles. Evilswarms focus on controlling the game by Summoning Evilswarm Ophion, while Constellars use mirrored effects, and aim to control the game with Constellar Pleiades. These cards are all important to … Continue reading

The Re-Launch Of Infernities

One of the most anticipated Xyz Monsters is finally seeing release in Hidden Arsenal 7 next week: Lavalval Chain. Foolish Burial has taken a comfortable seat on the Limited List for years, and now we have a Rank 4 Xyz that provides the same effect, along with a valuable topdecking ability. The first question that came to mind as I realized how soon this card would be available to us is, “What deck can make the most of it?” To which … Continue reading

Re: How Do I Deal With Divine Judgment?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last covered the developments of Spellbooks, and there’s been quite a bit that’s changed since then in players’ preparations for Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. In the meantime, I’ve received a stream of e-mails and messages that all share the same concern: “What do I do against a free, consistent +5?” A deck capable of consistently generating a +5 of card advantage each turn seems absolutely terrifying, and that’s what Prophecy can do … Continue reading

Dragons Incarnated! The New Dragons Of Tachyon Galaxy

The monster type I’m most passionate about is getting some new support in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, and the new cards bring a totally different take on Dragons – and new competitive potential. Since these monsters have a handful of effects and all sorts of different impacts, they can be alot to take in all at once. As a result, I want to make this article format as organized and concise as possible. Hopefully this covers everything you should … Continue reading