Building Batterymen!

HAT’s, SAT’s, BAT’s… deck names these days seem to be imitating the uniformity of 1st-grade rhyme books. But with Artifacts, Traptrix and Hands’ incredibly adaptable and easy to splash into other strategies, it’s almost difficult to avoid adopting at least some of those acronyms when you go to build a deck. And it makes sense. Instead of traditional backrow, cards like the Artifacts supplement the role of traditional defensive spell and trap lineups for decks that can benefit heavily from … Continue reading

Late Bloomers – Making Sylvans Work

Though my last article covered this same archetype, there’s been a significant gap in time between then and now, and in that time Sylvans have received considerable new support. Sylvan Duelists now have their own version of [ccProd]Graceful Charity[/ccProd], the ability to abuse [ccProd]Soul Charge[/ccProd], and [ccProd]Kuribandit[/ccProd] to top everything off… the moment we saw Primal Origin it really all looked amazing on paper. But what happened when the set actually released? Sylvans went from one of the most promising … Continue reading

Uncontrolled Overgrowth – Building Sylvans

Once a format-dominating Championship strategy, the Plant Synchro deck of 2011 was disassembled over a span of several F&L lists, much in the same way Dragon Rulers were over the past two formats. Since the deck was a melting pot of ambiguous synergies, all of which were powerful but none of which were central per se, the deck continued to thrive at the highest echelons of competition even as it continued to lose individual cards and combos. The main issue … Continue reading

They Just Don’t Die – The Future of Dragon Rulers

We’ve seen a lot of resilient decks in the past. List after list, when all players assumed an era was over, those decks managed to find a way back into competition. And now it’s happened again. Before the Dragon Rulers dropped in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, there was a debate about what kind of impact they’d make – whether they’d be a competitive success. In Asia’s OCG, ‘baby’ incarnates of the Level 7 beaters were released in Exclusive Packs, … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Vampire Specters

On blistering summer weekends, my uncle would sometimes drop by and take my brother and I to our nearby Quick Stop. It was always a coveted moment for us kids, fully aware we were about to be blessed with a slurpee to slow the residual melt of our insides from the concrete oven that is Miami. But what really had us hyped: just the idea we might get Yu-Gi-Oh! packs, too. This was the era where our game was at … Continue reading

Looking Ahead: Felgrand Rulers

Ever have a card that’s worthy of spending hours scouring Yu-Gi-Oh! databases to make sure you’ve covered every potential use for it? Conceiving strange builds to see how effective it is as a win condition, or the basis for an engine? There’s a lot of cards and archetypes from Shadow Specters getting buzz, but there’s a specific one I’ve had my eyes on since it was announced.  It’s something I’ve dabbled with over the past few weeks, and that exact … Continue reading

Infernities Modified

As the natural order of Yu-Gi-Oh! goes, a deck’s general viability is measured by one key factor: what is it capable of, and will that make it thrive in current metagames?  There are countless “good” decks out there, but their quality of interaction with the other strategies in a given play environment is what influences how we come to organize competitive hierarchies. In the case of Infernities, it’s equivalent to a finicky organism that could wither away with the slightest change … Continue reading

Thoughts On The F&L List, And What We’ll See This Format

As we’ve always heard, both from a handful of players and straight from the horse’s mouth: the TCG and OCG are separate entities. And it’s true – we have mechanics, rulings, exclusive cards, core set releases and other aspects that have variated the two games. But one of the arguably most defining aspects of competition has usually remained identical: the Forbidden and Limited List. And until a few days ago players placed their faith in the OCG list, testing their … Continue reading

Looking Ahead – An Intro to Bujins

With the pending release of Judgment of the Light, there’s a new pool of decks and strategies to discover and discuss. This week I’ll be explaining Bujins, formerly known as “War Gods”. It’s impossible to predict exactly what the September Forbidden and Limited List will look like, nor can we really guess what support for other decks in Judgment will mean for Bujin, so the build I’m sampling today is largely constructed to show you the potential options the theme … Continue reading

Preparing For The WCQ – Prophecy Rulings

As I mentioned in my previous article, we’re still in the midst of our discussion on rulings that you’ll likely run into at the upcoming WCQ! I not only want to cover these rulings themselves, but also break down why the cards interact and function in these ways. Unbelievable as us players make it seem, the “BKSS” theory (“Because Konami Said So”) doesn’t apply as often as we think. There are mechanical details about this game system in general, and … Continue reading