Top Cut Tech Highlights For The New Format!

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While the 2014 WCQ season is now over and the World Championship looms on the horizon, we’re awaiting the results from dozens of major unsanctioned tournaments held this past weekend. The first big crush of information regarding the new format and the recent changes to the game are still waiting in the wings, so for now I want to take one last look back at the North American WCQ, to spot the little innovations that could determine the future of … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Jeff Jones’ Koa’ki Meiru Fire Fist

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If there’s one thing about Jeff Jones that separates him from the rest of the pact, it’s his ability to innovate. Whenever he enters a tournament it’s very rare to see him play a mainstream strategy; rather he finds comfort in taking on decks that people haven’t really seen before and trying to break them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the majority of the time it seems to be the latter. His choice for the NAWCQ was no … Continue reading

The Real Meaning Of The First Turn No-Draw Rule

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The past week heralded what might be the biggest single change to the Yu-Gi-Oh! game system we’ve ever seen. The structure of Turn 1 has been static for twelve years; it’s remained the same through format changes, alternate modes of play like Draft and Sealed, and it’s survived countless tweaks of mechanics and card text. For all the changes that have been wrought upon the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG over the past decade-plus, the actual way we play the game turn by … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Ancient Machina Geargia

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With the new Advanced Format now arrived, Geargia seems to be the single deck that was hit the hardest. The Limiting of Geargiagear’s a decent cause for concern for Pure Geargia players; not only does it lead to less consistent Turn 1’s but it reduces the power level of the deck by a significant margin across the early, mid, and late game. But does it mark the end of Geargias entire;y? Hardly. Geargia existed long before the release of Geargiagear, … Continue reading

SAWCQ Top 4 – Luis Cossio’s Tribute Stun

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Basically every WCQ is now in the record books, except the North American Championship. So what are you to do on these final days as the WCQ draws closer? From a competitive standpoint, the best thing to do is work out the few final kinks in your strategy, or figure out those last couple slots that you want to fill in your deck list. There isn’t really a lot of time to do much else: I mean, starting from ground … Continue reading

Reacting To The F&L List – Jason’s Thoughts

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It seems like the tone of the F&L List has changed over the past year. While formats used to be updated only once every six months, often requiring sweeping changes and occasionally un-scheduled “Emergency Updates” just to keep Yu-Gi-Oh! playable, things are different now. The past few format changes have really just felt like tweaks to the existing environment, and while they were arguably too light at some points – September 2013 was still pretty brutal as far as Dragon … Continue reading

Late Bloomers – Making Sylvans Work

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Though my last article covered this same archetype, there’s been a significant gap in time between then and now, and in that time Sylvans have received considerable new support. Sylvan Duelists now have their own version of Graceful Charity, the ability to abuse Soul Charge, and Kuribandit to top everything off… the moment we saw Primal Origin it really all looked amazing on paper. But what happened when the set actually released? Sylvans went from one of the most promising … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Lightsworn Ruler

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Given what happened at all of the competitive events this weekend, it really looks like Lightsworn Ruler’s a deck to consider at upcoming WCQ’s. But why is the deck so good? To be frank, it really just doesn’t care about what’s going on around it. Lightsworn Ruler’s really just turned into a two-part game plan: you want to mill as much as you can, and then win in the following turn or two. It accomplishes those two goals so well … Continue reading

WCQ Potential? Gravekeepers!

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Our last discussion looked at an unlikely candidate for WCQ play that happens to be a great pick, for one reason and one reason only: positioning. With the big strategies of the WCQ season now acknowledged – those being Geargia, Bujins, and Traptrix Hand Artifacts chased by Mermails, Madolches, and to a lesser extent Mythic Rulers – the real trick to winning your way to the World Championships is beating those six decks. While those strategies are where they are … Continue reading

Exploring the Format: Psychic Ghostrick Monarch

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With the WCQ season coming up, I’ve been doing a lot of testing with a lot of different types of strategies to try to find what I want to play. More recently, I’ve been focusing on singular cards and working up from there; that approach lets me make better use of already strong cards. So what cards am I talking about? Well they aren’t anything new – in fact if you’ve been following my other Exploring the Format articles then … Continue reading